Yo Suckers!

Suckers wanna say that Cup don’t know old school.  People are like “you wouldn’t know funky fresh if it was boiling hot and poured in ya.”  Well, I wanna tell you something.  I was the original beat street.  Snoop Dog drank his first cup of Gin and Juice outta me!  And, on top of that, I will be around long after you old crusties are gone, cause I don’t biodegrade.  How is that for puttin a cap in ya?  

This Dude Wore Gazells

I'm Lampin, Lampin Cold Cold Lampin

 Yeah boy! bass how low can you go? landfill, what a styro know?  

Catch that if you can… Sucka!

Pancakes, Pigs and Life

I am not sure if you are counting calories, but if you are you may want to click away from this post.  IHOP just announced that they would be serving pancakes filled with cheesecake.  The caloric intake amounts to 1,250 per serving, that is of course if you choose to eat some genetically modified bacon as a side.   

Image: Pancake Stackers  

Now, I don’t want to be downer here and act like I don’t have a heart.  I do, really!  Cups have hearts.  The thing is, my styrofoam arteries do not biodegrade, nor to they clog.  But if you are concerned about these types of things, I would suggest a healthy diet with fruits and vegetables. Pay attention to these things and you too can live until my 3rd birthday (Cup years of course).  


Fresh Air and Good Food

 As a last note, you may want to stay away from the new KFC sandwich.  It is appropriately named the “Double Down” because you are gambling with your health.  Two chicken breasts surrounding bacon and cheese!  Do we really need this?   




I think these guys have the same question I do.  I mean, did they really need to add the bacon?

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Global Warming (Heating the Planet Up)

One of best things a healthy cup can do to make certain they do not biodegrade prematurely is to start each day with a nutritious breakfast.  As you can see from looking at my amazing physique the benefits are numerous.  Often times people ask me, “cup, how can you walk around with no clothes on?  Aren’t you embarrassed?”  I say of course not!  A cup should never feel ashamed about what the factory gave them.

Five Fruits And Veggies A Day

So many people in this world are hung up on the idea of nudity.  I cannot believe there is actually a debate about banning a “plus sized model” lingerie ad by Layne Bryant.  As my assembly line always told me, “the best way to get ahead in the world is to shake what your mama gave ya.”

Lane Bryant ad: Too sexy for television?

Too Sexy For A Cup? 

I say you go girl, and good for you Layne Bryant (whoever you are).  I mean, do we really have time to worry about this?  With global warming, war, famine and economic uncertainty you would think we would be happy to see someone walking around looking good and feeling happy.  I know I would never let something so silly get me down.

Feeling Groovy

Ain’t No Pollutin’ Here

As far as cups go I have a heart as big as a Staten Island land fill.  I do not condone pollution, nor do I think it is wise to use toxic substances to mass produce single use items.  In order to show that I am serious about cleaning up our planet I have spent Earth Day camped out in a tree.

I Will Outlive This Tree

There are a number of things all of us can do to help the planet.  Here are a few simple ones:

1. Plant a herb garden. Then watch the documentary film Food Inc. It feels great to know where your food comes from.

2. Wash laundry in cold water.

3. Unplug your computer when it is not in use.

4. Ride your bike rather than drive your car.

5. Support local restaurants.  I love to go to Fins which is only a bike ride away for me!

We can all do something small everyday to make our world a better place.  I will spend the remainder of Earth Day in this tree and I will do my best to stay out of the landfill!

Hanging For A Cause


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The Horror and the American Dream

Ohh The Horror!

 It is not often that I feel my life pass before my eyes, but every once in a while something will happen that will cause all of the fiber in my extruded polystyrene foam body to stand on end.  Being a good American I went to vote in my local elections yesterday and upon my return this beast attacked me!  Oh the Horror!  Fortunately, a good soul came to my rescue or I would have been doomed to live the next 500,000 years in shambles. 


Flaming Lips

I had the chance to see the Flaming Lips in concert last night.  What a great show!  So many balloons and confetti and people having a good time.  I went with my good buddy Jay.  He is always a classic and he loves items that do not biodegrade because he loves permanence.

On the Road Again

This morning I woke up and did some work in the garden.  You know how I feel, a person can never be too green.  Afterall, it is our planet and we should treat it responsibly.  Enjoy the pictures!



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